I’ve spent most of my adult life living in various locations around the word before settling in Paris, but travelling remains a constant in my life. Permanently in touch with a range of different cultures, I have developed a great sense of adaptation and communication. After obtaining a High School Diploma in Fashion Design, I graduated from the Istituto Europeo di Design (IED) in Milan, majoring in illustration. I started my professional career working mainly on illustration (children books, advertising and magazines), to later embrace writing and develop broader, more complete projects of which I’m both the author and illustrator, and then eventually also produce children comics. Always seeking after new challenges, I strive for excellence in my work and strongly favour traditional, hand-made illustration using gouache, oil colour and water colour illustrations. This resulted in various of my books to be selected for relevant National prizes and awards, such as “Prix des Incorruptibles” and “Prix Coup de Pouce des Premières Lectures” . I’m also selected for artist residencies in France, where I’m always happy to share my work with all those that are interested. Finally, I offer artistic workshops on various subjects, targeted to both children and adults. In particular, I collaborate on a regular basis with the Guimet Museum in Paris (France) and I deliver workshops at schools and cultural centres to popularize the magic of illustrated books. My works and illustrations are available for exhibitions and private sales, and I’m always interested in exploring the opportunities for new professional collaborations!